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"Yet another echo reflecting

guess who is yelling

and find out whom she might be calling

 And just beleive in...

let that small herpathy in every cell of you, 

raise in.."

- Herpathy , Ersin ATES

"All you need is a modest house in a modest neighborhood"

- Same Ol' Road, Dredg

As everyone else of course, I am bit of something this and that. Not at least but most, I describe myself as a passionate musician, an experienced software engineer and an enthuatistic traveller! Living in one of the most diverse cities on earth, London, my origins are from another diverse and chaotic but beautiful city, Istanbul. 

Musician: I am a singer and song-writer. I have been on stage for a long time now and mostly known with my alternative rock / metal covers. I have several songs don't come out from my cabinet yet, but I write things about life, science, human nature, psycology and fiction. I have a wide range of clean vocals, working with vocal coaches and online toutors to help me always be up to date and hitting the right tone! I have my own recording equipment and daw, learning how to make records and mastering. I don't have a specific genre in music but I love progressive rock and alternative metal. See my music page and follow me on SoundCloud to have the latest news about me!

Software Engineer: Front-end or back-end? Angular or React? C# or Java? .Net or not? Class or interface? While or foreach? Indentation for two or four? BDD or TDD? Scrum or Kanban?  Fin-tech, media or insurance? Start-up or well established companies? Being permenant or contractor? Limited company or self-employed? Yes, I have answer to all of these questions and I feel like I am loving it! I've always been into start-ups and greenfield projects and cursed to be both sides of business and development! See my LinkedIn page and visit Feel free to contact me if you need anything tech related, I can easily be that nerd you might be looking for.

Traveller: I am going to be brutally true about it, no messing about. I love travelling, I mean a lot! Give me a route, I'll be there. Yes, I am coming!

More about me: I play football, swim, cycle, walk and do trekking. I read sci-fi and adventure novels, personal well-being and growth books, subscribed to several social media channels for development, health and success. Please add me to your contacts on social platforms, follow me or subscribe: Youtube, FaceBook, Instagram.

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